Snagging your new home

Snagging is the process of identifying and correcting minor imperfections in your newly built home. Of course, we hope and believe that your house will meet your expectations, and we make our own quality checks to ensure this is the case, but occasionally things can get overlooked, so we recommend that you satisfy yourself that your home has been finished off to an acceptable standard.

If you wish to inspect the property for defects, you should arrange to do this following practical (building) completion and prior to contract completion – this is usually a window of approximately ten days. Any list of ‘snags’ resulting from this inspection must be agreed with us and we will schedule remedial work to be carried out usually within eight weeks. CY Homes will not fix damage to or marks on appliances, fixtures, floors, ceilings, walls or any other surfaces once the buyer has completed.

Appliances are not covered by ‘snagging’. Any faults with the fitted appliances must be reported to and be dealt with by the manufacturer according to their warranty which will be supplied to the buyer on completion.

A building warranty is provided by CY Homes through BLP Insurance, details of which are available on this website, as are details of our after-sales contacts and procedures.


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