This is where to find documents relating to your new home.

For convenience, we have compiled a collection of user guides for all of the appliances fitted in your new home.

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BLP Insurance

We want to provide peace of mind and protect your investment from the risk of undiscovered defects, so all CY Homes are insured against defects by BLP. The premium is already paid for by CY Homes Limited before you move in.

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Complaints procedure for new home buyers

At CY Homes and CY Developments we take enormous pride in the quality of the homes we build and the service we endeavour to deliver to our customers. We are a small company, but we still want to ensure that the house you move into meets your expectations and to have clear policies for ensuring this is the case.

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Snagging your new home

Snagging is the process of identifying and correcting minor imperfections in your newly built home. Of course, we hope and believe that your house will meet your expectations, and we make our own quality checks to ensure this is the case, but occasionally things can get overlooked, so we recommend that you satisfy yourself that your home has been finished off to an acceptable standard.

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