BLP Insurance

We want to provide peace of mind and protect your investment from the risk of undiscovered defects, so all CY Homes are insured against defects by BLP. The premium is already paid for by CY Homes Limited before you move in.

CY Homes has a great reputation for building quality homes, but you may want a reliable safety net. BLP provides housing warranty insurance for the structure which is backed by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE - an AA rated global insurer. The build project from design through to workmanship on site, will have been scrutinized to help minimise the chance of future defects and if a defect does arise you won't have to prove who is to blame, just that there is a defect - and then contact BLP with the details.

In addition to providing you with this warranty, we have also agreed to abide by BLP's code of conduct. It is another guarantee of our professionalism and customer care.


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